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“Jane Badlan is a very capable horsewoman, and has ridden out on my point-to-pointers for some years. She has been around horses all her life and is responsible, caring and capable. Jane has a great understanding of horses and can work out the best way to deal with any quirks that they may have with minimal confrontation, while achieving what is needed.

She is very responsible, shows great attention to detail, and would always put the need of the horse foremost, noticing small things that many people would miss.
Jane is from a farming background meaning she is a good land manager - her fields are well cared for and not allowed to deteriorate into a weedy, muddy mess! She is also a good “stockman” and knows how to feed appropriately.”


“Jane is always on hand to offer experienced and reliable advice whenever I need it, and I whole-heartedly trust that she will take the best care of my horse. It’s comforting to know that someone so knowledgeable is looking after him - I never have any doubts when leaving him in Jane’s care.

She is not only efficient in the daily management of the yard, but has been a great source of advice and support when it comes to riding and competing too. She also knows a lot of people in the industry, so choosing a qualified and reliable dentist, physio, vet and farrier is no longer an issue – Jane knows everyone!”

Stephanie Bateman, livery




My TB x Welsh Sec. D gelding had had his first - and only - episode of laminitis. A three-week business trip to the Far East could not be cancelled, but my horse needed daily, short periods of turn-out on a ‘starvation paddock’. I was in a dilemma.

The solution: full livery with Jane Badlan at Green Gates Livery - as recommended by our highly respected equine vet, Sue Taylor.

Jane's experience and knowledge are vast. With care and sensitivity, each horse’s and each owner’s needs are perfectly met by her generous, bespoke service.
Jane’s devoted and professional approach ensures my complete peace of mind … and no more laminitis.


Elizabeth Brown,
BHS Stage3 (HK&C)
Equestrian Author and Managing Director Fleet Publishing Ltd.
B.A.(Hons), Solicitor (Non-practising), Family Mediation Council Accredited Mediator